Our Vision

HERDFLOW® delivers premium dairy shed solutions for farmers throughout New Zealand and Internationally. Increasing productivity through maximising cow comfort and cow flow coupled with the provision of excellent working conditions for milkers  is the core philosophy behind HERDFLOW®.


Our Vision

To deliver confidence and value to our customers through design, innovation and expert focus on superior animal handling, milk harvesting and work place solutions.

Our Mission

Together we will work as a team to customise solutions that meet our customer expectations. We do this by using expert industry knowledge, key industry partners, a focus on quality outcomes with least hassle and no surprises.

Our Values

We understand that the decision to undertake major construction work on a dairy farm requires careful consideration. That's why we base all of our projects around the following four values:

Quality - When we talk about quality, we're not only referring to the workmanship of the products and materials used, but the superior level of service you'll receive.  In addition to the proven engineering expertise of our team, you'll encounter our passion for the dairying industry.

Flexibility - We have standard plans for efficient designs and flow, but we're also experienced enough to undertake any level of customisation.

Experience - At HERDFLOW® we have more industry-specific expertise than your typical dairy shed builder, and from this stems our new approach to design and construction.  We take into consideration every step of the milking process; from the moment the first cow steps onto the yard until the last cow leaves.

Partnership - At HERDFLOW® we know it's the little things that count.  Sure, the final product is important, but the relationship that is forged along the way is what makes us stand out from the rest.  The best relationships are built on understanding and respect.  When you choose HERDFLOW®, you are in fact getting a team of dedicated and passionate experts all working together in partnership to provide you the best product to meet your farm requirements.  After all, isn't that what partners do?

Our People

Damian Roberts // Manager

Daniel Gorton // Director